Dan Neary

Lead Pastor
Dan is charged with the leadership of Northshore’s wide-ranging  ministries, and is usually our main speaker on weekends. In addition to pastoral work, Dan has backgrounds in business and higher-ed administration. 

Allison Fite

Children's Pastor
Allison leads Northshore’s Children’s Ministries, serving kids and parents with a variety of programs. Allison’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she even has a Master’s degree is ministry. 

Jenni Jensen

Church Administrator
Jenni “keeps the trains running on time” around Northshore. A long-time member of Northshore, Jenni is well suited to keep us on track.  

Laurie Neary

Associate Pastor
Laurie leads the choir and helps produce our weekend services. She is a trained personal leadership coach, and teaches high-school and middle-school students in Cedar Park’s Christian Schools. 

Steve Sankey

Associate Pastor
Steve is a great friend and pastor to Northshore, providing support and care. 

Lindsey Hull

Youth Pastor
Lindsey is devoted to serving Northshore’s youth. She is a graduate of Southeastern University, having completed studies in ministry and kinesiology.

Nancy and Dan Jacobsen

Food Bank Directors


Melissa Dillon
Dan Jacobsen
Dennis Kessner
Mark Olson
Sid Porter
Chris Riser
Aaron Wong

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