Kamp Kenmore is launching Spring 2019, serving families and kids with a fun and safe daycamping adventure.

10 weeks | June 24 – August 30


Family Friendly
Kamp Kenmore is for everyone! Kamp Kenmore aims to serve families with kids K-5 with a daycamping option that works for the unique needs of those living and working in Kenmore and surrounding communities.

It is camp… and camp should be fun for everyone. Fun for kids… and their families, and the camp staff too!

There are a lot of options for families in our vibrant urban surroundings. We know that many of these options are out of reach due to the high cost, so we are endeavoring to serve our community with minimal fees ($159 /week for a full day, $89 /week for a half day).

God Honoring
Kamp Kenmore is not church… but it is certainly part of the ministry and service of Northshore Church. Families can expect that campers will learn about God, sing Christian songs, and practice God-honoring habits like serving and respecting others as well as caring for God’s creation. Remember… Kamp Kenmore is for everyone!

Everything at Kamp Kenmore will happen on the campus of Northshore Church, with camper safety being among our highest priorities.

Register today by downloading the registration form (click here). Space is limited, so reserve your space by getting your registration form in as soon as possible.

Questions? Contact Jenni at 425.939.1377 or jenni.j@cedarpark.org.

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