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There’s a lot going on at Northshore, and you’ve got a lot going on in your life. Between family, work, school, and church every week… it’s easy to get lost in the mix.  Groups help us prioritize one of the best parts of church: relationships.

Like to pray? There’s a group for that. Like to study God’s word? One for that, too.

The point is this: there’s at least one group for everyone. Whether you’ve grown up in church or are new to church, it doesn’t matter; groups offer a place where we can all get together, do something we like to do, and do it with really great people.

Interested in joining a group? Want to start or host a group? Have an idea for a new group? Get on board by emailing For more information about what we hope to accomplish in our groups, check out our objectives.

Here is a listing our current groups:

Small Groups

The Growth Group

Get to know your neighbor in the pews a little better each time by joining us over food (potluck with a theme) and great conversations!

Host: Satoko & Aaron Wong
Time: 2nd Sundays at 5:00 pm
Various Homes

Parental Guidance

Calling all parents! Join us on the journey of raising the next generation. We can all use a little encouragement along the way, and lots of prayer. Parents of teens and older are welcome (no childcare provided).

Host: Mark and Rachel Olson
Time: Mondays at 7:00 pm
Place: Olsons’ Home (Bothell)

Senior Lunch Bunch

Join us for good food, and great friends! Watch the bulletin for details.

Host:  Rachel Olson
Time:  1st Thursdays at 11:30 am


Mothers of Preschoolers is a great opportunity for moms of young kids and babies to make friends, discuss important topics, have a break from the kids, and enjoy yummy breakfast and coffee.
Host: Laurie Neary
Time: Second Thursdays at 9:00 am
Place: Northshore’s Fellowship Hall

Women’s Connect

Our aim is to connect with other women in the church… sharing testimonies, praying for needs, and visiting in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Host: Margo Ritchie
Time: Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Place: Ritchies’ Home

Wednesday Night Men

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). This group meets together to encourage, pray, and build each up in the Word.

Host: Chris Riser
Time: Wednesdays 7:00-8:30
Place: Risers’ Home

Sunday Lunch Bunch

Seniors, join us for food and fellowship after church on Sundays at Wendy’s in Bothell next to Applebee’s. If you need added incentive, seniors get a free fountain drink or coffee!

Hosts: Michael & Joani Grimm
Time: Sundays after church
Place: Varies – contact Michael or Joani

Friday Night Bible Study

Twice-a-month sessions to “dig a little deeper” into God’s Word. An hour or so of study, led by Merlin Quiggle, is followed by prayer and fellowship (including dessert). The theme of Winter and Spring Quarters will be what theologians called the “metanarrative.” We will continue our survey the entire Bible — and we are now in the New Testament.

Host: Jan Nyquist
Time: First and Third Fridays at 7:00 pm
Place: 375 Kirkland Ave. (across from Kirkland Performance Art Center), Kirkland


Men’s Breakfast

Amazing breakfast, devotions and prayer with men. Be there and bring a friend!

Host: Jon Brengan
Time: First Saturdays at 8:00 am
Place: Fellowship Hall

Women’s Breakfast

Breakfast, devotions and prayer with women. Be there and bring a friend!

Host: Jenni Jensen and Jody Brengan
Time: Last Saturdays at 9:00 am
Place: Fellowship Hall

Prayer Meetings

Healthy House

A house of prayer is a healthy house! Join us most Fridays anytime from 7:00-9:00. Come pray individually, or ask one of us to agree with you for a pressing need.

Host: Chris Riser
Time: Fridays at 7:00-9:00 pm
Place: Sanctuary

Tuesday Morning Prayer

The Sanctuary is open for an informal time of prayer for an hour each week on Tuesdays.

Host: Dan Neary
Time: Tuesdays at 9:00 am
Place: Sanctuary

Thursday Morning Prayer

The Sanctuary is open for an informal time of prayer each week on Tuesdays.

Host: Chris Riser
Time: Thursdays at 6:30 am
Place: Sanctuary


Women’s Bible Study

There are two options to jump into this weekly Bible study for women. This quarter the group is studying Daniel. The prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures—to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and to confront temptations and threats. Today, believers face many of the same trials. Join us as we examine how believers can develop integrity in our modern-day Babylon, and then explores prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Christ.

Cost: $20  Begins January 11. Childcare will be provided.

Host: Jenni Jensen
Time: Wednesdays at 9:30-11:00 am
Place: Conference Room

Host: Jody Brengan
Time: Wednesdays at 7:00-8:30 pm
Place: Conference Room

Adult Sunday School

This is an in-depth study of the scriptures taught by Wayne Ritchie. Come and be challenged and encouraged!

Host: Wayne Ritchie
Time: Sundays at 9:00 am
Place: Fellowship Hall

Veritas Contra Mundum

Classical, historic, Biblical, systematized theology only sounds bookish – it is actually potent, and compellingly interesting and useful. The evidence for the Christian to take on reality, lifestyle, politics, culture, and Truth, is almost overwhelmingly convicting.

Host: Ted Lindbeck
Time: Sunday mornings at 8:30 am
Place: Room 203

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