Open-Up Update

We are meeting in-person every Sunday at 10:30, and online at 9:00 and 10:30. Discovery Kids, our children’s ministry, and Nursery are available in the 10:30 service.

If you plan to be with us in-person, we simply ask that you monitor yourself for symptoms, and stay home if you have symptoms or recent close contact with COVID.

We’ll be wearing face coverings, in accordance with the State’s guidelines, so… wear a mask and let’s get together Sunday!

Check Out a Special COVID Update from Pastor Dan Neary


Through all of this, the three pillars of our vision together at Northshore have guided us; we say we are upward facing, inward strong, and outward focused.

Upward Facing: Through all of this, for the past nine months, we have continued to worship well as a congregation. Through word and deed, whether in-person or online, we have been God honoring. For the coming weeks, we’ll make more adjustments… mostly along the lines of music. We will reduce the number of musicians on the platform to two (a soloist and accompanist as the new regulations indicate) and we will not lead or encourage congregational singing. We are also working on other creative ways to engage people in worship (such as readings and video pieces).

Inward Strong: Even with the limits on gathering, our efforts in discipleship continue. Of course an aspect of being inward strong includes our physical health. While there have been cases of COVID among the people of Northshore, it does not appear that we’ve had a spreading (or super spreading) event directly associated with any of our services. Thank you for diligence and patience with our various protocols, including wearing masks, health screening, and staying home when there are symptoms.

Outward Focused: People who need Jesus are watching how we respond to COVID; they are determining if we really love and care for our neighbors by how we respond to these trying times. I said on Sunday that I think around half of what we are doing with masks and shutdowns and all works… I just don’t know which half it is… so, we do our best with all of it. I know, because I have heard from several neighbors, that our efforts are appreciated by those who might not yet know Jesus.

Whether you are online-only these days, in-person, or a mix of both… know that we remain here with you and for you, upward facing, inward strong, and outward focused.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

For our in-person gatherings, our priorities include:

  • Safety – We will follow protocols that will include health screening, sanitizing surfaces, face coverings, limited capacity, and social distancing.
  • Witness – We want to be sure to not damage our reputation in our region by taking steps that may seem dangerous or reckless. We do not want to send messages to our neighbors that our rights to gather and worship are more important than their rights to health and safety. Our steps forward need to communicate that we love God, we love each other, and we love our neighbors.
  • Worship – While we are grateful for the way we are gathering and worshiping with online tools, we are eager to worship together in-person, and in our building.

We know that some are eager to be among the first ones back in our building to worship together, while others will be more cautious and stay with us online-only for a time, and still others will be forced to stay at home longer because they are in high-risk categories. We will carefully and patiently love, honor, and serve people no matter their perspectives, concerns, and constraints as we take steps forward.

Northshore Online

We will continue to invest our time, effort, and financial resources into our online gatherings… until we can gather again, and well beyond. With hard work and ingenuity, as well as the generosity of many, we have upped our game online and will be ready to do much more from our auditorium in Kenmore, once we are back. Please continue to engage with all that we are doing online, and on various social-media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Details

Our documented plan continues to be a work in progress; it is available to you by clicking here.

If you have any questions or feedback about the plan, or anything related to reopening in-person worship gatherings, please contact Dan Neary (

Thank you for your care, patience, and prayer as we work through these next steps together!

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