Become a Member

Become a Member
Your completed application as well as a pastor’s recommendation will be forwarded to Northshore’s Leadership Council and the Cedar Park Board for their final approval. Once approval is secured, members are accepted in the Sunday morning service, generally on the third Sunday of the month.

Reception of members becomes part of the liturgy and follows this format:

Brief interview of each new member.

The pastor then asks these brief questions.

Do you believe Jesus to be the Son of God, and have you accepted Him as your own personal Savior? Please respond by saying I do.

Do you resolve with God’s help, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to keep His commandments all the days of your life? Please respond by saying I do.

Do you resolve to become a growing and useful member of this church, to faithfully attend worship services, to take, as far as possible, an active part in its work; and to give regularly to support the church? Please respond by saying I do.

And finally, do you resolve to unselfishly make His will effective in your community and in your world? Please respond by saying I do.

And now to you members in the congregation, will you resolve to support these your Christian brothers and sisters? Bearing their burdens… and lovingly supporting them toward the goal of Christ likeness? Please respond by saying we will.

It is my great pleasure and privilege as pastor of Northshore Church to welcome you into membership.

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