Membership Application

Application for Membership
Please print this page, complete the form, and give it to a pastor for processing.

I hereby make application for membership in Northshore Church (Kenmore, Washington) and Cedar Park Assembly of God (Bothell, Washington).

Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ____________________ Zip: ___________ Phone: _____________

Birthdate: ___________________________________________________

email: ______________________________________________________

Place of Work: _______________________________________________

Work Address: _______________________________________________

“I do believe Christ to be the son of God, and have accepted Him as my own personal Savior.”

“I resolve with God’s help, to serve the Lord Jesus Christ, to keep His commandments all the days of my life, to become a growing and useful member of His church, to attend its services, to take, as far as possible, an active part in it’s work; and unselfishly to make His will effective in my community and in the world.”

“I believe in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, both for endowment of power and guidance of my life (Acts 1:8), and I shall at all times seek to lead a consistent Christian life and shall honor Christ in all my relationships.”

“I shall give regularly to the support of my church by following the scriptural method of giving the Lord’s tithe into the storehouse treasury of God’s house (II Corinthians 9:7).”

Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________

In order that your life may count most in building the kingdom of Christ in the world, the following opportunities for service are suggested for your participation in the life of our church. Please feel free to name others; indicate those in which you are most interested.

Christian Education
[] Teacher [] Associate Teacher [] Clerical Work [] Youth
[] Greeter [] Care of babies, toddlers

Week Day Activities
[] Boys’ Work [] Girls’ Work [] Youth Work

Music Ministry
[] Choir [] Accompanist [] Worship Team [] Instrument ___________________

[] Usher [] Greeter [] Parking

Personal Work
[] Altar Worker [] Visitation

Clerical Work
[] Typing [] Filing

[] Carpentry [] Painting [] Electrical Work [] Grounds

Other ______________________________________________________


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