One of the ways we think of our life together at Northshore is along these three words: upward, inward, and outward.

We are enthusiastic in our worship… not just in songs that we sing or prayers that we pray; we believe that our lives should be entirely lived as an act of worship. The first purpose of our church, and the first purpose of every life should be to worship the Triune God in His majesty, for His works and His love. We are upward facing.

We worship best when we are at our best… and we are at our best when we are strong. The second purpose of our church is to edify believers in Christian faith and equip them for service. We are inward strong.

We know that God loves the world and calls us to love the world He created… not merely with our words or our emotions, but with our actions too! The third purpose of our church is to proclaim the Gospel and reach out in acts of love, charity, and compassion in our community and the world. We are outward focused.

Come and experience Northshore for yourself!

The best way may be to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30. You can also find a lot about us on these Web pages:

Northshore is a community of people committed to one another as we worship and serve our great God. Come and check us out at Northshore; you’ll find that you are always welcomed!

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