New Congregation

Northshore Church (Kenmore, Washington) seeks to launch and build a non-English-speaking/non-dominate-culture congregation as part of our ministry.

Over Northshore’s recent history (although not currently), we have served as landlord to a non-English-speaking/non-dominate-culture congregation. We have a sense that the Lord is leading us to build a congregation that shares more than merely our building, but shared resources and ministry together. We’ve been praying along these lines for the past months.

It seems that underserved populations in our City and surrounding area include those who speak languages including Spanish and Chinese.

Census data reveals that our City is comprised of about 20% foreign-born residents; Northshore exceeds that percentage. People at Northshore speak languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese. Nevertheless, our services are all in English and are along the style of the dominant, American culture.

Perhaps it is time for us to branch out, reaching other cultures that are thriving in our City and surrounding areas.

We are looking for leaders to build such a ministry.

We have little to offer… no salary, no volunteers lined up to work, no plan, and no budget. But we do have resources to share, including a generous congregation filled with people that respond to vision for ministry, and a great building in a strategic location. We also have thriving ministries, including youth and children’s ministry, that are potentially able to serve such a congregation.

If you might like to consider working with us in a new endeavor along these lines, contact Dan Neary (


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