You will find a community of warm, welcoming, and happy people at Northshore. Check out all that is here on the Web to acquaint yourself with Northshore, but the best way to learn is to join us on a Sunday morning. Trust us; you won’t regret it! Find out more…


We are meeting in-person at 10:30, and online at 9:00 and 10:30. There is room for you in-person this Sunday. Click here for more info…


We’ll start a seminar, 6:00 Sunday evenings, via Zoom conference, on November 1. Join us as we seek to understand the Bible, how we got it, and how we should read it. Click here for more info…

Here’s what has our attention these days at Northshore

It is from our series from the Words of Jesus in Luke’s Gospel; Jesus calls us to faith, to faithfulness, and to citizenship in His Kingdom.

Gather With Us Online

Join us for our prayer gathering.

Join us for our 10:30 Sunday gathering, live-streamed from Kenmore.

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